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Apologies in advance for the A Fairly Odd Summer posts that are going to happen tomorrow. My best friend is coming over at 3 to marathon the other two movies (the new one premieres at 8), so I’ve set up a queue.  There are three posts pertaining to the movie so far, and potentially a fourth that’s sitting in my drafts, lol.  Just blacklist A Fairly Odd Summer if it annoys you (and if you haven’t already!) because they’re all tagged. :)

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ok but my best friend saw 1d tonight and i haven’t heard from her so i’m just assuming she died bc of harry’s see through shirt i feel that’s a fair assumption

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so on monday i see one direction

tuesday i see bullets over broadway

wednesday i see if/then

thursday i see violet

friday i come home

saturday i see the script


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My dad told me to send things I’ve made to Nickelodeon and ask them to hire me in their photoshop department

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Toronto, Canada - 8/01

Toronto, Canada - 8/01

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Toronto, Canada - 8/01

Toronto, Canada - 8/01

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this show is so important to me


this show is so important to me

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