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theatre challenge ✿ 10 performers
∟ norbert leo butz

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Harry with dads during the 2nd Chicago show :D x/x/x

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One Direction, Where We Are Tour, Chicago (30.08.2014) - (credits)

One Direction, Where We Are Tour, Chicago (30.08.2014) - (credits)

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3/∞ of my most favourite broadway gems: audra mcdonald

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Sweet to the Soul, Health to the Bones for goldenquill 


Rating: Teen and up

Wordcount: 8,422

Warnings: None applied

Summary: “When you walk in, every single thing stops. I see you, only.”

Someone keeps declaring their love on the brick wall outside Louis’s office window. It’s possible Louis should be concerned, but the romantic in him would like to believe a stalker would use something slightly more vicious than chalk and pretty words.

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Feels Like We're Falling In Love for eyesofshinigami 


Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 14,091

Warnings: None applied

Side Pairings: Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards

Summary: Louis knows he’s in trouble as soon as their lips meet. He had known from the second he laid eyes on Harry that he was different, that they were different. He had felt a deeper connection with him, within minutes, than he felt with people he’d known all his life. Kissing him just seems to solidify that what he feels is right. It makes Louis believe in all the things he’s never believed in, like soul mates and destiny.

Louis reluctantly accompanies Eleanor to the Bahamas for a One Direction concert, only to stumble across a curly haired boy that turns his world upside down.

I've Been Wandering Round (But I Still Come Back to You) for MediaWhore 


Rating: Teen and up

Wordcount: 27,591

Warnings: None applied

Side Pairings: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Harry Styles/Ashton Irwin, past Zayn Malik/Louis Tomlinson

Summary: ”Harry had always been beautiful, but lately he’d blossomed into this tall, sexy, man and Louis was having trouble dealing with it. And so, it seemed, were his hormones.”


The one where Louis and Harry are best friends and co-stars on a popular television series and Louis inconveniently discovers he’s in love with him in the middle of a press tour.

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