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I have to be up in three fucking hours I can’t sleep

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we're afire love for hattalove 


Rating: General audiences

Wordcount: 11,958

Warnings: None applied

Summary: harry and louis are best friends. harry has the whole “crush” thing under control, honestly. (until, of course, he moves in with louis and his baby.)

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Let Your Light Shine for hazmesentir 


Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 22,482

Warnings: None applied

Side Pairings: Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards

Summary: prompt: AU where Louis is a faded professional footballer (soccer player) whose career is nearly ruined by an injury. Harry’s his physiotherapist.

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Her stupid ass

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me @ my otp any time they do something:

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i think about this often 

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This is the shippiest thing I will ever post here-

A sequel comic to this comic.

There was a lovely AU idea posted in the tags/comments by tummyhand (which would be an amazing read.) 

Then believeinhorizonsnow sent me a lovely message with the line “Louis took one look at Harry and that’s when he decided not to back to Neverland.” And I had to draw it…


hahaha cool i should share that post on google+

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seriously fuck you greg

mintiscream: "What's your career goal after college?"

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